The marketplace is rapidly changing, it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

As technology and the internet allow information to become even more easily and readily accessible, it will be virtually impossible (pun intended) for businesses and brands to hide behind corporate identities.

Companies will be exposed for what they really are… which is scary for some, but a huge opportunity for others.

As the marketplace becomes more connected, brands become more transparent, and the delivery of products and services becomes effortless, people will make purchase decisions based on the purpose, passions, and values of the company over price or convenience.

Shows that you actually care

Unfortunately there are people in this world that only care about profit and will sacrifice quality and customer satisfaction to make a couple extra bucks. The good news is that companies like this will not last very long if they do not change their ways. This is a huge paradigm shift taking place right now.

It’s been proven through multiple case studies over the past several years that people are more likely to purchase from a company who is actively involved with a good cause. More importantly, the trend is increasing, meaning that more people are looking to do business with companies who are doing good in the world. Soon, it won’t be a preference, it will be an expectation.

Whether your team volunteers time for a local charity or your company makes large contributions to a national non-profit, the actions just show that you have a company of people who care and want to do good in the world. Consumers want to do good business with businesses that do good.

When you are able to communicate your purpose, passions, and values to your prospects, customers, and clients in a way that is real and authentic, they know that you actually care about what you do. People can tell if your mission statement is just some words on a wall in your office or if your mission statement is something that your company lives and breathes every day.

When your purpose, mission and values aren’t just ideas, but are actual guidelines that shape your day-to-day operations, it’s evident in every aspect of your business; sales, support, customer service, marketing, etc. all the way from the executive level to the reception desk.

Separates you from competition

When you are able to effectively and clearly communicate your company’s bigger purpose or mission, you will sound different and the marketplace will notice. Too often companies focus too much on the features and benefits of their product or service and not enough on the a greater impact they are working towards.

Some companies don’t even have a greater impact they are working towards which is an even bigger problem for them but an even bigger opportunity for you as you read this post and know that.

Communicating your passion and purpose makes you stand out and cut through the noise. More importantly, it creates a space for you to connect with potential customers & clients on an emotional level.

Creates emotional attachment

Have you ever seen a PETA or a St. Judes commercial? These advertisements are effective because these organizations understand that people take action when they are engaged on an emotional level.

Microsoft PowerPoint - 96.ppt [Compatibility Mode]Our brains make decisions based on emotional responses, not rational thinking.

The Limbic part of our brain is what’s responsible for our emotions and feelings and it’s the Limbic part of our brain that controls all behavior.

The Neocortex is the part of our brains that’s responsible for rational thought, speech, and sensory function among other things.

We can have all the facts and figures and something can completely make sense, but we sometimes still don’t move forward because it doesn’t “feel right”. Feeling comes from emotional engagement.

Think about this, if you were sitting down with a potential client and you went over the features & benefits and how your product will save them time and make them money, you know the typical pitch, you will sound just like the other 5 companies they are talking with. But, if you explain the features and benefits and how you will save them time and money AND how your company is dedicated to help finance sustainable clean water solutions in third world countries and by closing this deal you will be able to complete a water purification system for a village of 400 people… who do you think is going to get the sale?

Not only does communicating your passion and purpose effect buying decisions but it also creates an emotional attachment to your brand that fosters loyalty and retention. People love being a part of something bigger than themselves and most people enjoy helping other people. If you are able to communicate how your company isn’t just about selling your product or service, but it’s about revolutionizing your industry, changing the world in a small or big way, or even just positively impacting your local community, people will choose to do business with you over your competition.

Now, remember the key here is authenticity. You have to genuinely be passionate about what you do and the bigger purpose your company is working towards. Otherwise, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot. People can sense when something isn’t truthful or authentic so if you try to use these concepts out of integrity, your business will not succeed long term.

Taking it one step further

If you want to put this information into practice, the first step is to get your team together and determine what the core values of your company are and why they are important. From there you can work on aligning all of your marketing messaging with your values and your core mission or purpose.

For more information on creating effective and purpose-driven marketing campaigns, check out my blog post on creating a strategic marketing plan that gets you results: Introduction to the Strategic Marketing Compass

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Michael R. Hunter
Michael R. Hunter
Michael R. Hunter is the founder of Right Mindset Daily, and Co-Founder of Paperplane. A trusted authority in marketing, Michael is passionate about helping small business owners grow and develop their business. When he's not saving the world from utter chaos, Michael enjoys watching the Denver Broncos, snowboarding, racing go-karts, and traveling. My Google Profile+

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