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"Today, knowledge is not power.
Sharing knowledge is power."

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Michael R. Hunter is a leading authority in Strategic Marketing for small businesses. As a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Michael’s unique combination of outside-the-box creativity & detailed implementation skills have helped successful small business owners & marketing teams increase leads, sales, & customer retention. Let Michael leave a lasting, positive impact on your business!

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Coding Optional is the #1 WordPress training for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and experts.  Members get access to step-by-step tutorial videos and training that will show you exactly how to create a new WordPress website from scratch or make changes to an existing WordPress website.  There’s no coding experience needed and we guarantee you can have a website up and running in one weekend.

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  •  @NCBadger101  Awesome! You rock! :) Thank you and congrats on your success w/Carolina Rustica! I'll send you a copy when it's done! :)19 hours ago
  •  @TheStaceyHarris  Yeah, you definitely need to get to  @ExpertsAcademy . You will love it. World-class content and great networking for JVs.23 hours ago
  •  @NCBadger101  I'd love to use it. Fllw me & DM me your email, I can send you what I have if you'd like to sign off. Let me know, Thanks!23 hours ago
  •  @NCBadger101  Hey Richard, I'm putting together an Infographic "Why Small Biz Need a website" I came across a quote of yours.23 hours ago
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