Training & Workshops

Michael R. Hunter has created several training programs and workshops for small business owners.
Michael hosts his own events several times per year and is frequently invited to put on workshops for other professional organizations.
Michael’s most popular business workshop titled, The Value of Social Media for Business reveals the importance of social media for businesses, large and small, and how to leverage tools like Facebook to market your business effectively.
In the Personal Development area, Michael has recently created an amazing Intentional Goal Setting workshop that is unlike anything else. If you want your team to set high goals and then achieve them, you must put them through this powerful workshop.
All of Michael’s training programs range from 90-minutes to full day events.
Michael R. Hunter’s available trainings and workshops:
  • Small Business Marketing 101
  • The Value of Social Media for Business
  • Intentional Goal Setting
  • Strategic Marketing for Business
  • Personal Relationships & Communication
Training programs and workshops have a 90-minute, half-day, and full-day variations.
All training programs and workshops are available by request. Requests should be made 60-days in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts and to arrange travel accommodations if necessary. If you are looking to schedule a training within the next 60 days, shoot us an email and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
To request more information or book a training with Michael R. Hunter,
please email us regarding the presentation your are interested in, at:

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