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A passion for marketing, mindset, and personal growth led Michael R. Hunter down the path less traveled for most young adults.

He started his first successful business at the age of 17, and appeared in SUCCESS magazine’s sister publication, SUCCESS From Home Magazine with two dozen of his peers, at the age of 20.

The epitome of drive and determination, Michael spent his 21st birthday unlike most. He founded his third successful business, Entourage Marketing, that day; a company that went from an idea to its first paycheck in just 33 days, and was a finalist for the Edson Entrepreneurship Initiative in 2011. Among other accomplishments, Entourage Marketing helped play a role in helping to launch the “YES I CAN” Project, a non-profit organization that started in Scottsdale, Arizona, and worked alongside other prominent supporters like Les Brown, Bill Walsh, and Mark Victor Hansen.

Now a trusted expert in marketing and mindset, Michael R. Hunter coaches others on the art of knowing what to do- and doing it. He is passionate about helping experts, speakers, and small business owners share their genius with the world.

When he’s not launching organizations and small businesses, Michael is speaking, coaching and holding workshops on the power of digital marketing and how it can impact your personal brand. Michael holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis on Business and Communications from Arizona State University, and has spent over 5,000 hours in business and personal growth trainings around the world. A master at productivity and time management, Michael achieved his degrees while he was building multiple businesses, giving back to the community, and developing a network of extremely successful people from all over the world.

Michael also sits on the board of the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence and speaks frequently to high school students about leadership, business, and the power of choosing to stay drug and alcohol-free.

Michael takes pride in staying focused on the things that matter in life: people, friendships, relationships, and personal development. He loves surrounding himself with positive, motivated people with big dreams. Michael believes every single person has what it takes to be successful, and is constantly helping others identify and achieve their goals through his coaching programs. He is always looking for business owners and experts to mentor to success by helping them create a road map that takes them to their dreams.

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