About Right Mindset Daily

Michael R. Hunter founded Right Mindset Daily in November, 2009. Shortly after inception, Michael partnered with Colby Foster to build the Right Mindset Daily Facebook community.

Right Mindset Daily is a community of like-minded people who believe in challenging the status quo and are constantly seeking improvement in all areas of life: Personal, Professional, Interpersonal Relationships, Financial, and Spiritual.

In the arena of personal development, success and “a success mindset” is a topic that almost every guru talks about. The traditional concept of a “success mindset” suggests a single, positive, confident, driven mindset and attitude is required to be successful. In Michael’s perspective, it actually requires several different mindsets or a “Set of Mindsets” to truly be successful in life. This concept is the foundation of Right Mindset Daily and the Right Mindset Community.

Over the past 3 years, Michael has led the efforts to establish an international Facebook community with over 3,500 leaders from more than 21 different countries around the world.

As the community continues to grow and develop, online training programs, books, and live seminars and workshops will be coming in the near future!

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