Marketing Coaching Program

Michael R. Hunter’s Marketing Coaching Program is a 6-month training based program that covers six core areas of marketing. This training has been designed for small business owners and marketers who are looking for new ideas and ways to generate more exposure and revenue for their business.

Each month, you will receive a 90-minute webinar training focused solely on a single core area of marketing and a monthly Q&A call where you can ask specific questions regarding your business. The six core areas of marketing that we will focus on are: Differentiation, Target Market, Email marketing, Content marketing, Direct mail marketing, & Social media marketing.

Not only will you get world-class training on 6 of the core areas of marketing but you will also develop a deep understanding of why you must integrate your marketing efforts and how to do it to make your marketing as effective as possible.

In 6 short months, you will learn more about marketing than most people who are graduating with a 4-year degree in marketing.

Enroll in this program to learn all about:

  • How to stand out among your competition
  • How to find and communicate with your target market
  • How to leverage Email marketing to create sales on-demand
  • How and Why you must use content to market your products & services
  • How to effectively use direct mail marketing + insider secrets
  • How to leverage social media platforms to grow your business

Members of this training program also receive bonus training and information that dives a little deeper into some of the concepts. To become a member of Michael R. Hunter’s Marketing Coaching program requires a one-time investment of $997 or six monthly payments of $187.

To access, 6-months of world-class marketing training and six Q&A calls with Michael R. Hunter, simply click on the link below to get registered!

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